About us

Our company has been in the business of scrap metal ever since 1995 when the company was born as Borani Scrap Metals Ltd. Now the company was renamed JJ Borda and has carried on in the same sector, buying and dealing in metals, extending its services to a variety of business segments as well as domestic home owners. We provide you with cash upon collection of the materials and we then export them abroad where they will be recycled and reused. We seek to provide our clients with an efficient service and we come to you wherever you are and make sure to clear your premises in no time.

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Why choose us

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We have years of experience in the business and therefore, understand how to provide a great service to all our clients as well as payments.

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We understand that efficiency is of the utmost importance in these situations. We will come to you and clear your scrap in no time.

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You are able to profit from recycling and saving our planet. We will provide you with very fair payments for your scrap metal, making us the perfect choice.

Finding the perfect deals

You can rest assured that we will provide you with the perfect deals when it comes to your scrap metal, meaning that you will be making a profit from materials that you no longer need, while also ensuring that they are being recycled and reused instead of lying around and causing harm and damage.