Here you will find some frequently asked questions regarding scrap metal

  • Why should I recycle scrap metal?

    Recycling scrap metal takes far less energy than mining for new metal, purifying it and shaping it.

  • What is scrap metal used for?

    Scrap metals such as aluminium, copper, steel, brass and iron can be reused many times for construction purposes, manufacturing, for containers, to be made into new and stronger metals and for furniture and fittings.

  • How do I get paid?

    A magnet will discern the value of the metal and you will be paid from our company upon collection.

  • What scrap is not good for collection?

    Refrigerators that are still filled with food will not be collected, radioactive materials are not viable, gas tanks, tires, fiberglass, wood, anything that contains plastic.

  • What scrap metal pays the most?

    Copper is a material that is consistently high in value as well as brass. Aluminium is not very impressive when it comes to compensation but because of its widespread availability can be the ideal materials to trade money for.

  • Can metal recycling help protect the environment?

    When you are recycling metals you are not taking from the environment’s resources, which are not infinite. Mining and refining raw materials can destroy natural habitats, contaminate soil and also pollute the air, drastically affecting the water in surrounding areas.

  • How is less energy used when recycling metals?

    The recycling process will take up less energy than it takes to produce new metal and metal ore. The process is far more economical and will help save valuable raw materials. 

  • Does the price of metal vary?

    The prices of metal will vary depending on the material, each material has a corresponding price.

  • Is the pick-up free of charge?

    Depending on the amount of materials that you have to scrap we will provide you with a free pick-up wherever you are.

  • What happens after the scrap is collected?

    We will send the scrap materials abroad where they will be recycled, reproduced and reused.