You scrap it, we buy it!

We collect and purchase scrap metals especially iron, aluminium, copper, brass and other similar materials. All materials are paid for in cash upon collection and we also offer free pick-up services as well as transport, depending on the amount of material that we will be collecting. Our company will then export the materials abroad where they will be recycled and reproduced.

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Reasons to scrap your metal

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You can make a profit from recycling your metal materials as we will provide you with cash upon collection and with great deals for your aluminium, copper, brass, iron and similar materials.


Less energy is used

The recycling process takes up less energy than it does to produce new metal from metal ore. The process is more economical, cheaper to perform and will help in saving valuable raw materials.


Lower CO2 emissions

Recycling metals can lessen the CO2 emissions, as opposed to the production of new metals. The process of making new materials has a horrid effect on CO2 emissions, making recycling a better option.

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Protecting the environment

Recycling metals will help protect the environment from the devastating impact that the process of mining for new raw resources does on the environment. You can decrease the contamination of our planet.


Create new jobs

The recycling of metals can present us with a definite new industry which is metal recycling. There is a significant amount of manpower needed to run a recycling plant which can aid in the economy.


Preserves natural resources

The resources that the world can give us are not infinite, which means that by recycling metals and materials you are reusing the natural resources that the world can provide us with.

The type of materials that we collect

Aluminium Collection

Aluminium is 100% recyclable and can be used in many circumstances and projects.

Iron Collection

Iron can easily be melted and used for other purposes making it very useful.

Copper Collection

This is the third most used material in the world and very valuable when it comes to recycling.

Brass Collection

Brass can be quite valuable when it is compared to other more commonly-used metals.

Gold Collection

Gold is highly sought-after for its antioxidant properties and it’s used for its high electrical conductivity.

Steel Collection

Steel is used in a number of households - pots and pans. It is also easy to recycle.